If God is out there, bring me TMNT IV.

10 02 2008

Cassie Jones + TMNT II: Secret of the ooze would be the best sequel to this stellar movie dynasty. If there is a God in heaven, I will convert to whatever if Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles came out with another sequel to the live-action movies. not this TMNT computer animated crap. I want to see Cassie Jones and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles save April from the Shredder or someone even cooler – like a robot ninja zombie with 4 arms – while in the process losing Master Splinter in a climax that won’t stop. (sexual reference intended) also, April will find a boyfriend, but he dies too. he’s a jerk anyways, so don’t be too sad. He was all “I have my job and you should be mothering my children” and she was all “I have a job too, don’t you care about my dreams?” he was all “what dreams? you better be dreamin of getting me a beer, woman” SMACK.
Did you know there was a TMNT Concert tour? Check it:
To further add to the Turtles’ popularity, a concert tour was held in 1990, premiering at Radio City Music Hall. The “Coming Out of Their Shells” tour featured live-action turtles (in costumes similar to the films) playing music as a band (Donatello; keyboards, Leonardo; bass guitar, Raphael; drums & sax, Michelangelo; guitar) on stage around a familiar plotline: April O’Neil is kidnapped by the Shredder, the turtle guys have to rescue her. The story had a very Bill-n’-Ted-esque feel, with its theme of the power of rock n’ roll literally defeating the enemy, in the form of the Shredder (who only rapped, about how he hates music) trying to eliminate all music (Interestingly, the first two films featured rap in their soundtracks). A pay-per-view special highlighting the concert was shown, and a studio album was also released. The track listing is as follows:

1. Coming Out of Our Shells!
2. Sing About It
3. Tubin’
4. Skipping Stones
5. Pizza Power
6. Walk Straight
7. No Treaties
8. Cowabunga
9. April Ballad
10. Count on Us




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