Someone Get Me Post-its

16 01 2008

in my ongoing quest to find the best weird news, articles, gadgets and whatnot – i’m still developing an efficient means to acquire all that. Right now I’m in the process of evaluating my sources because I want to find a great pyramid structure where I select from sources that grad from other sources narrowing down the audience gradually. like a sifter or like a pyramid whatever floats your boat. or sinks it, whatever whatever. I’m dropping my brief, non-passionate disstate for the New York Times. Now that I’ve read it and it’s free in my dorm, I’m liking it. I still dig local papers but the Times has at least 1 good article hidden in the middle of the front page about some local small interest problem – Homelessness in New York, Loss of Jobs in Southeast Ohio – to name the most recent. I’m still not a big fan of the layout but it’ll have to do. I was contemplating starting a vlog via youtube and here. like have a vlog and have my blog as a reference for people to click to links I talk about. so far I’m evaluating vloggers to see if i can make it as interesting as some of these guys – like Phillip DeFranco (
I bought my books all 428.50 dollars of them. ugh. I hate dipping into my checking account. but I gotta get books, c’mon. gotta do some reading. bye now.




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