Hard to Choose the Worst Superhero Ever.

16 01 2008

Here’s another great candidate(besides Superman, and Spiderman). The Incredible Hulk.
This sorry excuse for a Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde ripoff just goes to show you that even the worst Jerry Lewis Movies can be made into even worse Superheros. I’m talking about The Nutty Professor “starring” Jerry Lewis. Not to be confused with The Nutty Professor with Comic genius/Music failure Eddie Murphy. That mofo is hilarious! And It’s Jerry Lewis, Not Jerry Lee Lewis – the writer of “Great Balls of Fire” I mean, your balls have to be on fire if you’re boning your cousin. eww gross.
but anyway. The Incredible Hulk is no competition for The Thing. I mean, The Thing comics shouldn’t even have happened. The Thing: “oh look at me I’m strong, but smart too. I would hurt a rabbit if i pet it. but I’m going to save the world from weak people. yeah. I’m a nazi, so?” Yeah. the thing was a racist. But the Hulk, God. The Hulk: “I’m angry, so I’ll break things. that’ll help.” Yeah that really works, Dad.




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