Crossing off To-do list

16 01 2008

This is one of the last two things on my to-do list. Write on the Blog.
Today has been great. I woke up late (8.34 ish). Read the Centre Daily Times. Not much of interest today. bet there would be a great Vent in the Intelligencer. oh wait, no there won’t be because I read this last time (Saturday January 12, 2008)
“What do you think about the punishment for a man who wrote a profanity on his check for a parking ticket in Doylestown? Tell us what you think.”
WOW! guess no one cares about the vent anymore. I love the Intelligencer though. the right comics – Sally Forth, Garfeild, Bizzaro.
And So I got coffee, read, tried to avoid watching Rachel Ray on the Big Screen in the Commons Dining Hall. And I started to manipulate my scheduler/organizer on my computer and I must say, it looks phenomenal. I’ve got a 7 day schedule to print out weekly with class schedule and To-do lists (aka Homework). Very proud of myself.
Polysci was pretty good. My Professor was a hybrid of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs with an enthusiasm for Politics. Kinda like a cocky geek. like one that’s like “bitches ain’t shit. I got me a 160GB mp3 player and Halo 3. so suck it.” And I made my first class friend – Sun Woo. He was like “might as well meet someone while I’m here.” guess that’s a compliment… :-/
Showered (YES!!!!!!!! I freakin love the showers here at Hoyt. so relaxing and private) and ate Lunch with Ali Spiro, Shannon and their friends – one of who was Jr. It was great to see people I knew.
My Soc teacher was like every white female stand-up comic I’ve ever stereotyped. “history is just a bunch of old white guys” hahahaha. STFU! Class seems pretty easy. we’ll see….

Penn State has a great atmosphere. and Here’s some links to cool stuff:
HOWTO Make a magic fireball (flaming oily rag)

“This little Metacafe video shows how to make a “Magic Fireball” — a lighter-fluid-soaked rag-ball that’s bound tight with thread — that you can roll around in your hand without getting burned (because the hot part of the flame is on top and you hold it by the bottom). Unless, of course, you screw up and burn yourself horribly…”

Sweetest Things My Date Ever Did

By Celeste Perron

“So, you’re on a date… and seriously in like with the other person. Congratulations! Now comes the tricky part: How do you let this person know he or she floats your boat? Should you whisper some sort of sweet nothing, get a gift, or just smile a lot and hope your date just knows how you feel? Well, we’re all for getting you to express yourself, so we’ve asked men and women to reveal things their dates have done or said that made them feel all warm and fuzzy. Listen and learn…”

I couldn’t pick one article from Geekologie so here’s both:

Dirty Clothes? Here’s the Solution

“The WARDROM is a conceptual organizational system by Paula Studio in Rome, Italy. The idea is that you just toss all your clothes at the thing and they hang there, keeping your floor clean. I’ve got to tell you, if there’s one thing I love seeing upon entering a woman’s room, it’s dirty clothes hanging on the wall. That shit is so hot. It even inspired my first art exhibit — ‘Clothes The Geekologie Writer Stole From His Apartment Complex’s Laundry Facility And Hung On A Wall’. It’s on display right now in my bedroom if you want to come over and see. Constructive criticism and donations are always welcome. Requests from neighbors that I return their clothes are not.”

Inhale your alcohol!

“Well we’ve posted some unusual alcohol-inspired art in the past, and here comes another — The GAT Fog. The GAT stands for, get this, Gin And Tonic! It’s a fog made out of gin and tonic — brilliant! I mean I’ve been looking for easier ways to get drunk, and alcohol-soaked suppositories have started to chafe my bum. Now I’ll just make a fog machine and fill ‘er to the brim with burboun. Oh happy day! I’m going to try it right now, I’ll let you know how it goes.

UPDATE: Ofkay its eems to haave worksed. IT dfeinitely sucseeded in mkaing me smelll drukn. hOly shite it is drunk i n hear. TJHis room is wiizaasssted! iT cant’ evan stay stil l. OMJWTG! aT frist i oclouldnt tell iF i wash getitng drukn SO i put my mouthe overe the fog noozle BU T THE N I FEEL ALSEEP! i wokes up PLIZAATARD. NOw iM prety sure i’m Dyin!g “

LEGO Computer!!!!

“Snap up to four modules onto the BugBase, and you’ve got your own custom gadget.
It’s the rare product that excites CNET editors across all categories. The Bug Labs platform, which has been the subject of several conversations around the CNET booth, is one such rarity.
Described as “the Lego of gadgets” by Webware’s Rafe Needleman, the Bug Labs platform starts with a minicomputer, the Bug Base, onto which you can snap multiple modules, such as a digital camera or an LCD screen. You can then program your own software to run your custom gadget or download software others have written from the Bug Labs site. Need a GPS-enabled digital camera that will automatically upload your images to Flickr? With the Bug Labs platform, you can build one…”




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