New Year!

14 01 2008

2008. I’ll start up again. but I don’t promise lots of posts. probably between 2-none everyday. we’ll see though.
I got settled into PSU quickly. Took a nap, meet people, went to dinner with people from my dorm including my RA Dan. I can feel a better atmosphere here. the X-factor. I’m loving campus so far except the size of it all. Today I had to get up at 7 ish (Alarm at 7.12 AM). I regret not wearing gloves to class. and not getting a backpack. We’re in for a cold winter…
While I was walking to class, snow began to fall. it was dreary and rainy previously. I’ve got quite a lot to do today – job search, book getting etc. so I’ll write soon enough.

Woman who OD’d Sues Dealer

Sandra Bergen, 23, had a heart attack after accidently snorting crystal Meth. It had to have been an accident. who knew you could get hurt from drugs? She’s suing over negligence and wants $50,000 in damages. oh yeah did I mention she was in a coma for a week? that’ll teach her to not buy. not until she gets paid! Big bucks, big bucks no whammy!

Egg Fryers Shaped Like Guns

Finally eggs made just for kids! I was thinking at breakfast “what can we do to get kids to love guns more?” and here it is. Available through Urban Trends. via DVICE.




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