Why I would not like to be Spider Man.

19 12 2007

aka why spider man sucks.

1. Lame power. Does not seem safe or plausible to be swinging from building to building with spider webs.
2. Spiders are ok, I’d rather be like a dinosaur or something.
3. The suit is a little much. couldn’t you just wear like a t-shirt and jeans. and I guess something to disguise your face.
4. Sooo emo. We’re supposed to trust superheros not fear that because he’s upset he’ll just say “oh well. fuck ’em all. I’ve got problems too!”
5. Does he have a spider bite that makes other people spiders? don’t think so. the whole “vampire” aspect would be cool. you should work on that marvel.




One response

5 03 2008
You Need Reasons to Think Spiderman Sucks? « The Unheard

[…] This is in response to emails and comments I’ve recieved in a big influx regarding this post: Why I would not like to be spiderman. Instead of making a whole new I hate spiderman list, I’ve chosen to respond to letters, and […]

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