Another Bad Candidate for President

19 12 2007

We all know him. We all have heard about what he did with 9/11. What after that? Rudy Guiliani is a bad candidate.

Honestly, I’d vote for him before Fred Thompson, Mitt Romney or Mike Huckabee. But I’m not Republican anyway. Yeah, it’s anyway – not anyways.

Why not to vote for him:
Continue the War on Terror (including the occupation of Iraq)
Cut taxes
Support Second Amendment
Marriage is between a man and a woman
Past Loyalties
Drug as a morally aprehensible act
Supports Death Penalty
Past Record on Crime and Racial Profiling

I like his open-door policy on foreign trade. and his support of improving technology. and that he supports making private accounts for social security. Somewhat pro-choice. Does believe in equal rights of couples – but not the same title as marriage.




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