Yeah, ummm…

18 12 2007

been busy with settling back down at home. let’s see. A synopsis?

Thursday – I came home. Briget offered me a ride, so I took it. didn’t have to waste 10 bucks on septa again. once I got home – when I passed the treshold – I got a call from Nangeroni. So we went out and got pizza and drove around then I got home again.
Friday – I cleaned my whole room, it looks amazing – only thing I need to sort is this one drawer in my desk. I had a good night.
Saturday – I played Madden a lil bit. helped a woman stuck in a ditch out. Laundry. Dillinger Escape Plan Concert was AMAZING. They are so intense, love it. I had a great night.
Sunday – Errands. Dinner with the Isett Family. B Good slept over.
Monday – Slept in. Made a lot of tea. Gamed. Went through PSU paperwork. Madden. Without a Trace. Ate Chinese with Jacki. had a good evening.
Tuesday – 1/2 Caffeine coffee! And wood work with Cameron and his dad. We put wood in a wood chipper. it was a bitch when it was awkward shape.
Me “Hey! Got off the road. I eat people like you for breakfast!”
Cameron “I eat breakfast with people like you!”
Me “Hahahaha. That’s a little less menacing.”
Shower. Duck Deli with my Babigirl – Jacki.




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