Potty Mouth.

13 12 2007

Judge to decide on toilet swearer’s fate
Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Disorverly conduct? Tattletale? Asshole.

A judge is set to reach a decision in the case of a woman put on trial for swearing at her own toilet.

Dawn Herb, 33, was cited for disorderly conduct after her neighbor, an off-duty police officer, called authorities to complain about her potty mouth. Herb pleaded innocent and went on trial on Monday in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

The mother of four does not deny letting loose a string of profanities when her toilet overflowed Oct. 11. But her lawyer, Barry Dyller, told the judge that cursing in one’s own home is not a crime.

‘The laws cannot require us to speak eloquently, in good taste or an inoffensive fashion. We are allowed to speak colorfully and that is absolutely constitutionally protected,’ Dyller said after the hearing.




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