It’s Facebook Official.

13 12 2007

I decided not to do anything special or do anything differently than I would normally do. except the TV is gone, so I’m not watching ESPN – which is a good thing. I’m blogging and looking at news articles. I’m packed up in a suit case and my sleeping bag. This place was OK – nothing compares to Doylestown, though. Not much I’ll miss about here, except my easy classes and the Green. Penn State awaits me, and I’m glad to be going. I have good friends there and I will be accepted. It’s a new start. I’ll find friends that I like this time. I’m changing my mentality when I go. I want to be the shit. I want people that want to be around me. I’ll make it happen. Peace out Delaware, S my D.

It’s Facebook official:

(Has to blur the other window tab because it’s Christmas sensitive, mmk?)




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