Anti-Robot Militia

13 12 2007


Mr. Larcus Giovanni, Plumber, Florence, Italy
“I’m an ARM member because I want to help cleanse the world and build a new, simpler future for all people.”
Mrs. Cathy Browndis, Mother, Big Rapids, MI
“I joined ARM because I want my children to grow I up in a clean, healthy, human world, where they won’t be slaves to a bunch of machines. I want them to go to old-fashioned book learning schools and live in a simpler, machine-free community. I want them to learn human values, not TV values.”
Mr. Don Morgan, Paramedic, New Perth, Australia
“I joined ARM because I want to be a hammer instead of an anvil, I got tired of just watching what was being done to humanity and our civilization. I decided to fight back.”
Professor Juffo Papyack, Professor of Business Computing,
Temple University, Philadelphia PA, USA
“I’m in ARM because I’m sick of what’s being done to our schools and our young people. I want a world where young men and women can learn and live in a humanized, machine-free environment.”

General Goals:
• Preserving the Natural Order — Mankind First
• Protecting and Promoting the Rights of Men
• Upholding the Right to Bear Arms
• Enforcing God’s Law of Inequality
• Prosecuting the Crimes of the Powers that Be
• Ensuring the Survival of Mankind
• Repeal of the Sentient Property Protection Laws
• Solving the Robosexual Problem
• Promoting a Hierarchy of Responsibilities
• A Human Society
• A Minimization of Reliance on Machines
• A Responsible Government
• A New Educational System
• An Economic Policy Based on Human Labor Principles




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