Here’s Your Award

12 12 2007

Album of the Week

Dance Providers – Vol. 1

Love Techno. Love this Compilation. I listen to this album maybe once a week, thought it deserved honors – it’s great to listen to when cruising late at night and you wanna stay up. Highlight: “Tricky Disco(Veranos Wack Out Radio Edit)” Discotronic

Splattercell – OAH

Avant Garde. The story here is that David Torn and a bunch of guys jammed a couple times then recording this via the internet. And Apparently there is a remix album. ok. Now I have something I want for christmas, but it’s too late. grrr. maybe I’ll do a Princeton run and see if I can find it there. Highlight: “Hedewa”

Trivium – Ember to Inferno (2003)
I’ll be honest, this album trumps Master of Puppets because of the consistency. “Master of Puppets” the song is one of the greatest songs ever but it can’t beat a whole album. I wish they wouldn’t have changed the sound of the vocals in there latest album – the Crusade. But it’s not bad – sounds more like Metallica. This is there best album. Highlight: “Fugue (a Revelation)”




One response

29 01 2015
peter pushkin

the story about the making of splattercell, above, is fun, but completely wrong. thanks!
david torn / aka splattercell

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