It’s like Guantanamo Bay…for kids!

11 12 2007

What Do You Get When You Kick A Kid 200 Times?

Well, this question is a little bit tricky because the kicker was a martial arts instructor, and the kickee was a student who had accepted a challenge from the instructor.

Susan Bateman, 47, of Hampton, Virginia is accused of kicking one of her 11-year-old martial arts students in the abdomen more than 200 times, causing the child internal injuries and possibly a broken rib. Bateman was arrested and charged with one count of felony child endangerment.

Police say that on November 7, Bateman issued a challenge to her students to see which one of them could endure the most kicks to the abdomen. The students got into the push-up position and Bateman kicked until they either let their knees touch the floor or gave up and told her to stop.

The 11-year-old boy and one other student in the class reportedly were kicked by Bateman over 200 times. The injured child did not tell his parents about the incident until he needed medical attention.

So was Bateman abusing her students, or is this a routine exercise in martial arts instruction? Is she a felon child kicker or simply someone who used extremely poor judgment when dealing with her students?

That question will, almost certainly, be up to a jury to decide.




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