Free Coffin For First DUI Holiday Death

11 12 2007

Free Coffin For First DUI Holiday Death

This is a contest that no one wants to win, and no one really wants to see someone win either. It is, however, a strong message about drunk driving and it comes at a time when people do need a reminder.

In Maryland, St. Mary’s newspaper has run an ad, and as tacky and tabloid-looking as it seems, the message is sobering. Or so they hope.

The newspaper is having a custom coffin built and they will give it away free to the first person to kill themselves this holiday season by driving drunk.

The editor of the paper, Ken Rossignol, is a crusader against DUI. Each week he publishes a list of those who have been arrested for DUI in the community. He still feels that the message is just not getting through to people, so he came up with the coffin giveaway to raise awareness this holiday season.

Rossignol’s brother was killed in a drunk driving accident in 1975. He hopes that no one claims the contest coffin.




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