bored with the same old choking game? Try this.

11 12 2007

Students Flirt With Death In New Chest-Punch ‘Choking Game’

I am completely sarcastic. I think it’s wrong for kids to want to blackout. Don’t try this at all. Find something productive to do. Parents should give more chores to kids if this is the shit they’ll be doing.

“ORLANDO, Fla. — Students at a middle school in Orange County have been experimenting with what is believed to be a new variation of the choking game, where teens hold their breath and get punched in the chest until they blackout.

The latest reported incident of the so-called game was reported at Maitland Middle School in Orange County, according to Local 6.

The students are closing their eyes and holding their breath while another student slams a fist into their chest, Local 6’s Mike Holfeld reported.

A parent who wished to remain anonymous said his son was recruited to play the choking game and passed out.

“While you are holding your breath, they push your chest in, which causes a lack of air or oxygen and you faint or pass out,” the parent said. “He thought it was a game. He stated his friend wanted to show him a magic trick.”

“It’s no game, absolutely no game,” Orange County Public Schools representative Madeline Offner said. “They are definitely flirting with death.”

Offner, who is part of the school district’s student assistance and family empowerment office, said incidents of the choking game date back to 2005, but this is the first-known report of a game that involves punching the chest.

“Maybe they heard of the choking game and they’re not sure how it is done so they are just making up their own rules to the choking game and that can be even more serious,” Offner said.

The parent who said his child passed out during the game said he came forward in an effort to protect other children.

The school principal gave the parent student witness statements Monday afternoon, Local 6 reported.

A recorded message went out to parents in the last few days advising them what had happened, Local 6 has learned.”




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13 12 2007

My son had chores, he had a job, he did well with schoolwork, was involved in church activities, but he learned of a foolish game and probably thought he’d try it “once” and died. Yesterday (11th) was three years he’s been gone. What we need is awareness. Just as parents talk to their children about drugs and sex, this is another one that needs to be talked about – before it’s too late. Most parents don’t even know this game exists – we didn’t, until our son died. I hope you continue sharing about it. Thank you.

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