How to make a private amp out of an old cassette player

8 12 2007

private amp from a old personal cassette player
hi folks today im going to help all our guitar playing freinds improve their relationships with neighbours and or family.
no im not going to personally give them each 50 bucks to leave you alone what im going to do is supply you with the knowhow to make a small guitar amp that will only annoy you {well it may annoy you if you play bad like me}.
best of all it only takes about 10 minutes to do

step 1
what yer gonna need
ok to do this your going to need
1. old personal casstte player that you dont mind destroying
2. guitar cord that you dont mind cutting an end off{ we all have one that only works when you bend it}
3. a fine soldering iron and rosincore solder{you can sharpen the point of a cheap pencil iron}
4. a set of head phones
5. an electric guitar or acoustic with a pickup installed




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