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4 12 2007

City’s New Mayor Calls For Secession From Maine

Oh boy. click on the link to vote to seceed! please! I want ne states or boundaries, just something fresh.

“SOUTH PORTLAND, Maine — Most people have heard of the idea of two Maines: the wealthy, populous south, and the rural north.

South Portland Mayor James Soule has proposed making it formal, calling for the city and its neighbors to leave the state. He said in his inaugural address on Monday that “the state of Maine needs South Portland more than South Portland needs the state of Maine.

Soule described the state government as an “oppressive regime” that withholds the communities’ rightful amount of state aid.

A spokesman for Gov. John Baldacci called Soule’s proposal “silly” and “counterproductive.” Some of Soule’s fellow councilors were shocked by his proposal, but they said they understand his frustration.”




One response

4 12 2007
The Disobedient Muse


In his acceptance speech newly annointed Mayor James Soule announced that he would be seeking to secede from the Union and have South Portland Maine be designated a new and sovereign country. A land with kings, courts, moats, and jesters. A world free of all tax burdens, except for a small yearly pittance owed to the royal court, and of course future tolls yet to be determined. Instead of quality schools he announced a vision for apprenticeships and neo indentured servitude that would guarantee citizens of the new country a reasonable trade in service to the king. As part of an incentive for subjects to accept this new vision for South Portland, Mayor Soule has promised new vinyl windows for all who fall within its borders. Flag designs are already in the works with the leading contender being a chicken ringed by yellow ribbons perched atop the entrance to the Maine Mall food court.
Former Mayor Claude Morgan, a staunch supporter of the new mayor, will head up an exploratory committee and has vowed to give the issue a thorough wringing out, with solid good works, that will lead to a clear, transparent, inclusive, tough, going over, ignoring not the fine toothed comb, which will result in a superior healthy debate, one that he will feel comfortable with, knowing that the good work has been done and the right and most proper decision be made. Terrific works will ensue.

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