New topping for pizza: marijuana?

4 12 2007

Alabama church group finds pot in their pizza

by Josh Ault

LOL >>>>>>>>>>

An Alabama church group got the shock of their lives when they found marijuana in their pizza.

It happened at a youth outing in Florence the day before Thanksgiving, and police still aren’t sure where the pot came from. The pizza came from a Papa John’s restaurant in Florence.
The district office for Papa John’s sent us this press release:
“We have been notified by the Florence police of a possible incident of product tampering with a pizza order on November 21st, where a customer claims to have discovered marijuana on his pizza. We have investigated internally and have no reason to believe that the product tampering occurred at our restaurant or by any of our employees. We take great pride in serving a high-quality product to our customers and in our 12 years of serving the Florence community have never had an incident like this. We are cooperating with the police in their processes to get to the bottom of this claim.”
Authorities did say an off duty Florence Police Officer ordered the pizza.
“I don’t believe at this time they knew it was a police officer who ordered it,” said Sgt. Rolando Bogran, of the Florence Police Department.
According to the FPD, it was not until the pizza was already eaten that someone realized there was something in it.
Forensic testing has been ordered to get official certified results.
“Whatever the outcome of the investigation, it will be bad, we are talking about a local restaurant, it hurts the community, hurts everyone, but most of all some people could have been hurt in the incident,” said Sgt. Brogan.
Several of the youth who ate the pizza were taken to the hospital to be checked out.
None were found to have ill effects of eating the pizza.”




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