End of School (almost)

4 12 2007

I was debating if I should go to class again. I don’t expect to learn anything again. Maybe there will be new material. doubt it. for my money I should be learning more. I could have gotten the same knowledge at community college.
My dream last night was weird. I was a coach for a football team but we were playing in a restaurant. it looked like La Pergola/Honey in D-town. And my team got stuffed on 4th and inches. we had navy blue and yellow uniforms. I screamed “offsides” but there was no flag. I slapped the other coach. and we walked away and I started to apologize. I cried begging for forgiveness. He walked out of the bathroom and said that as a repayment all he wanted was for me not to tell anyone that he smokes. and I said “is that all? what else can I do?” Then I woke up.
My hair is wacko. (haven’t used that word in years) I figured out christmas presents for my sister and girlfriend – Jacki. Need to order them this weekend. Now what should I get my mommy? I’m thinking a gift certificate for a free massage. she has to get destressed sometime.
This wednesday. tomorrow. my 6 month anniversary. Longest i’ve ever been in. Probably because my other dating thing was 2 weeks and that was in 7th grade. Hah. I feel bad that I’ll be here at campus. but I need to go to class. and take a final so I can come home sooner for winter break.
Hoorah! One month off. Haven’t cut my hair since august. Wonder when I’ll cut it.
I was remembering how I meet my friends. that’s fun.
Mostly just Track, Four Square, Through other friends/Band (even thought I wasn’t even in it).
My inspirations:
Jimmy Stewart
Robert Ludlum
Christian Bale
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Mr. Timothy Caum
Mr. Stanziola




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