are you for serious?

4 12 2007

Fla. Cities Resolve Nickname Fight

The Associated Press

an effin slogan? don’t you have like hurricanes to worry about?

“ORLANDO, Fla. – Officials from Coral Gables and Orlando have averted a potentially ugly fight over the right to the nickname “The City Beautiful.”

Both had used the slogan for decades, but Coral Gables applied last year for a federal trademark seeking exclusive rights. Orlando filed an objection blocking the application, and the two sides reached a deal last week.

Orlando can use the nickname in promotional materials in 22 nearby counties, and Coral Gables, near Miami, can use it in 10 South Florida counties.

Coral Gables Mayor Don Slesnick said the city wasn’t trying to swipe Orlando’s right to the slogan.

“It was never any kind of nefarious scheme,” he said. “We just were trying to protect our identity.”

Orlando officials, initially upset that they might have to redraw the city seal, were pleased with the solution.

“We don’t care if someone else uses it; we just wanted to make sure we didn’t lose the ability to use the motto,” Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer said.

Orlando has used the name since at least 1908, Coral Gables since 1933. The slogan has also been used by such places as Storm Lake, Iowa, and Kansas City, Mo.

Orlando and Coral Gables did not, however, agree on which city was more beautiful.”




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