3 12 2007

The iTablet: Coming January 2008?
Michael Mistretta

Is this what the iTablet looks like? Cause if it is, I’m getting one.

“Looprumors has some exclusive sources, saying that the iTablet will be a totally new device, that “co-exists” with current Mac offerings, In other words, it’s not going to be a laptop as well as a tablet. It’s going to be just a small tablet that can be used as a portable Mac Communicator. The fact that this thing will only be a communicator leads me to also think that it won’t be priced more than $1000. This device is for the consumer, not the pro market. The rumors continue with talk of multi-touch 2.0.

This device is going to be geared to people who already have macs, so no, this is not going to be a full-fledged computer. The iTablet will be running a specially designed version of Mac OS X Leopard, and will work perfectly with Leopard Macs. People will able to control their computers over the internet from a remote location (no word on whether that’s for .Mac members only), video conference over the internet, and will also be able to beam (or squirt) files to other Macs or iTablets wirelessly.

Even more interesting, they are suggesting that the iTablet will have a mini-disc optical drive. This goes along with the thinking that Apple will start to offer software packages in much smaller form, by shipping them with mini-discs, and use adapters to get the min-disc in other slot-loading Macs. Interestingly, you will also be able to plug in a mouse, demonstrating that you can use many different input methods. Wireless keyboard, mouse, stylus, and finger. For the physical design of the iTablet, Looprumors is suggesting that it will be big, black, and shiny. Pretty much a big iPhone. But it won’t be that big, it is only about half the size of a Macbook’s screen.

Now for the insides, they are suggesting that it is considerably faster and more robust than the iPhone (anyone say Intel Inside?). It also includes an accelerometer, and I assume, a sudden motion sensor and ambient light detector. Finally, the rumor totally out of left field. The iTablet will use both sides to input information. What? So, there is going to be like a click-wheel on the back. I don’t know. Doesn’t sound like Apple to me. But if this device does come out at Macworld, for a reasonable amount of money, and delivers all of these features, I will be buying one. Macworld just can’t come quick enough.”




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