a New Month: Holidays!

3 12 2007

Monthly Events:

Art And Architecture Month
Bingo’s Birthday Month
National Closed Caption TV Month
Hi Neighbor Month
National Stress Free Family Holiday Month
Read a new book month
Safe toy and Gift Month
Universal Human Rights Month
Write to a Friend Month
National Drunk & Drugged Driving Awareness Month
Made In America Month
Colorectal Cancer Education and Awareness Month
Cooked Grasshoppers Month
International Calendar Awareness Month
Merry Merchants Month
Most Fun Month
Poor Looking Winter Month
Universal Human Rights Month
Identity Theft Prevention and Awareness Month
Learn A Foreign Language Month
National Sign Up for Summer Camp Month
National Write A Business Plan Month
National Tie Month
Spiritual Literacy Month

Weekly Events:

Christmas Tree Week – Week One
Cookie Cutter Week – Week One
National Aplastic Anemia Awareness Week – Week One
Recipe Greetings For The Holidays Week – Week One
Tolerance Week – Week One

Daily Events:

1- National Pie Day
1- Eat a Red Apple Day
1- World AIDS Awareness day
1- Rosa Parks Day
1- Phony Smile Day
1- Christmas Club Birthday
1- Christmas Lights Day
2- Business of Popping Corn Day
2- Charles Dickens in America Day
2- Special Education Day
2- Glacier Bay National Park Birthday 1980
2- Have-a-Heart Day
2- I Dream of Jeannie Wedding Day 1969
2- Play Basketball Day
2- National Fritters Day
3- Let’s Hug Day
3- Neon Lighting Birthday 1910
3- Telescope Birthday 1621
3- National Roof-Over-Your-Head Day
3- International Day of the Disabled Person
4- National Cookie Day
4- Wear Brown Shoes Day
4- Day of the Artisans (Honors all workers)
4- Manila Paper Birthday 1845
4- National Grange Birthday 1867
4- National Dice Day
4- Hanukkah Begins at Sundown
4- Ribbons and Wrap Day
5- Bath Tub Party Day
5- Bicycle Riding Day
5- Special Kids Day
5- Folding Theater Chair Birthday 1854
5- National Communicate with Your Baby Day
5- International Volunteer Day
5- Play Hookey Day
5- Walt Disney’s Birthday
6- Make and Bake Day
6- Miners’ Day
6- National Gazpacho Day
6- St. Nicholas Day
6- Mitten Tree Day
7- Pear Harbor Day
7- National Cotton Candy Day
7- Apollo 17 Anniversary 1972
7- Marshmallow Peeps Day (Trademark registered 1982)
7- International Civil Aviation Day
7- Microwave Oven Birthday 1942
7- National Fire Safety Day 1979
7- Pearl Harbor Day 1941
7- Instant Replay Day 1963
8- Bad Hair Day
8- National Brownie Day
8- Winter Flowers Day




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