Young Woman’s Answer to Grand Theft Auto

30 11 2007

Editorial: Coolest Girl in School

“High School was not the most wonderful time in people’s lives, well, at least not everyday, and for a lot of people it can be considered the most miserable era of their existence. Face it, we all went to school with a myriad of girls who could be cast into numerous social stereotypes. These were basically innumerable, but the majority could be broken down into cheerleader, outcast, artist, goth, redneck, egg-head, sociopath, prep, and then there was a subcategory of slut or ice-queen that applied to each group. Included in this vast hierarchy of culture, there were also those that did not fit into any particular mode and just hung out with bits and pieces from each group; therefore these girls did not have any official “term” applied to them. Amidst each social structure, the angst and inconsolable desire to be popular or wear the “correct” brand of clothing ran amuck through most teenage girls’ minds, and still do in the present. In this century though, these thoughts are occurring earlier – instead of starting in middle school, it is starting in grade school where young minds should be focused on learning the intellectual tools of life instead of what is on sale at Hollister.

While most adult women can look back on their teenage years and laugh at such notions of adolescent self consciousness, our future generation of women are going through exactly what we went through – sure, we all had “Heathers” at our respective schools, but now it seems the schools are teaming with “Uber Heathers”, and the media plays on this like a out of tune mandolin. The adulation of celebutantes like Paris Hilton, Lindsey Lohan, Britney Spears, and their ilk can take a devastating toll on what young impressionable teenagers deem appropriate behavior, and the media circus that surrounds these tarts on an hourly basis sends mixed signals to teenage females – no matter how anorexic, rich, spoiled, whorish, dense, or dug addled you are, the public loves you.

Adding to the growing trend of bitchy, spoiled female media hounds are the reprehensible characters seen in movies, reality shows on MTV, and “dramas” on Fox, and the WB. In accordance with the public’s voyeuristic addiction comes a controversial new video game for girls – the mobile based Coolest Girl in School. Emerging as a rpg for teens, the game sets a stage for girls where “stealing, sexual dalliances, drug use and gossiping pave the path to teenage empowerment”. In the game, the objective is to “lie, bitch and flirt your way to the top of the high school ladder”, and the developer, Champagne for the Ladies, is billing their new game as the young woman’s answer to Grand Theft Auto. In the game, the player is encouraged to “experiment with fashion, drugs, sexuality, cutting class and spreading rumors” in an effort to win…”




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