It’s crack…for kids!

30 11 2007

Jill Porter | Mint or drug: Is Hershey’s cracked?

“FAMILY COURT Judge Lori Dumas Brooks wanted to make sure she wasn’t overreacting.

So she held the small blue packet of powdered substance in her palm and showed it around at work yesterday.

Everyone asked the same thing:

What was she doing with crack cocaine?

“I thought she confiscated it in the courtroom,” said Administrative Judge Kevin Dougherty.

No one could believe what the tiny pouch actually was: a new breath mint made by – get this – Hershey’s.

Ice Breakers Pacs, which hit the stores this month, are dissolvable pouches in blue or orange that look uncannily like tiny heat-sealed bags of cocaine, crack, heroin or any other powdered drug.

The Pacs, filled with powdered mint and sweetener, are meant to dissolve on the tongue like breath strips.

They’re even packaged in a plastic slide-top case similar to the magnetic key cases drug dealers use to hide their wares under cars.

“I could not believe it,” Judge Dumas Brooks said yesterday.

“Who in the world thought of that, and how did it get approved?”

The pouches are so realistic, they even fooled Philadelphia Police Chief Inspector William Blackburn.

“Being in narcotics the majority of my career, I thought it was the real stuff,” said Blackburn…”




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