Class Resumes, as does this blog.

26 11 2007

This Week:

2002 National Farm-City- Week Four
National Adoption Week – Week Four (Always the week of Thanksgiving Day)
National Home Care Week – Week Four
Travelers with Disabilities Awareness Week- Week Four
National Family Caregivers Week – Week Four (Always the week of Thanksgiving Day)
National Cookie Week – Week Four
National Game and Puzzle Week – Week Four

Daily Events:

25- Department of Homeland Security Birthday
25- Don’t Utter a Word Days (Listen instead!)
25- Aladdin’s Birthday 1992
25- National Parfait Day
26- National Cake Day
26- First Official Thanksgiving Day 1789
26- Charles Schulz’s Birthday (1922)
27- Turtle Adoption Day
27- Shakespeare’s Wedding Day 1582
27- National Bavarian Cream Pie Day
27- Pie in the Face Day
27- Pins and Needles Day
28- Mark Twain’s Birthday (1835)
28- Skywriting Birthday 1922
28- National French Toast Day
29- Square Dance Day
29- Newspaper Day
29- National Chocolates Day
29- Electronic Greetings Day
29- King Tut’s Tomb Opened (1922)
29- Electronic Greetings Day
30- Day of Friendship
30- Perpetual Youth Day (Dick Clark’s Birthday)
30- National Mousse Day
30- Stay at home because you’re well day




One response

27 11 2007

ahh dude you missed National Elevator/Escalator Safety Awareness Week. (I think it’s .com) Saw that at 30th Street Station.


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