Give Thanks

23 11 2007

From Blog-Alex: Thanks to all those who’ve commented, visited and voted on this site.

From Family-Alex: Thank You to my family – Mom Sister and Uncle for a Great thanksgiving. and Thanks Mom especially for you know what.

From Friend-Alex: Thanks Schwanksgiving Parrishoners Players and Ballers. I’m so white. No yeah, I decided on a car ride wednesday that I picked the best group of friends for me. and I’m happy to know all of them. I’m really happy I didn’t have to compromise my being to fit my crowd. Thanks again.

From Boyfriend-Alex: Jacki, thanks soooo much for letting me into your life. I’ve had my struggles and you’ve been there for me. Thank you for making me feel, and making me feel like a million dollars. you’re a wonderful girl and I wouldn’t change a thing about you because I love you just the way you are.

This is what I did this week:
Monday – came home late at 10.30 showered, drove around, went to Dasani’s house, surprised Jacki at her house, slept.
Tuesday – Worked on my Caffeine Paper, Boston Market, Jacki, Diner.
Wednesday – Went Thrift Shopping, Home Depot-ing, and Fresh Produce-ing with Mama Koz. Schwanksgiving Football! Shower. Schwanksgiving Day Festivities. Saw “Bella” with Jacki. Went home with Jacki. Sleep.
Thursday – Got caught. Installed a new Operating system on desktop pc – ubuntu 7.10 gutsy gibbon! so cool. Ate Turkey. Goatee shaved into. Watched Football. Surfed the web, tested OS. Cleaned Room. Brad Came over to trim his beard. Caffeine Paper. Drank Iced Coffee. Phone call from my lovely girlfriend. Sealab, Aim and Surf. Sleep.
Friday(Today) – 5.30 AM rise. Kmart – cd player and mp3 player (cheap stuff). staples and radioshack. Whatever the Big Dipper is now, we ate there as a family. Came home. talked with uncle about home servers and linux. etc etc. and then there’s now.




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