The World’s Angriest RV Salesman

20 11 2007

“This viral hit consists of a bunch of outtakes from a 1988 industrial film shot for Winnebago by one Jack Rebney, also known as The Angriest Man in the World. In the video, Rebney loses his temper over everything from forgotten lines to too many flies on the set. According to Wikipedia, the outtakes first surfaced around 1990 and circulated from person to person for years before it ever showed up on the Internet. “The Angry Winnebago Man” is one of those videos just waiting for the YouTube age to begin: Once it hit the viral video circuit, it spread as fast as an RV going down a mountain pass with no brakes. (Warning: This video consists of pretty much nothing but foul language.)” (Via PC World)

Caution: Explicit Language




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