Nyquil, Lady X, Australians, Home.

20 11 2007

Woke up from a Nyquil-induced Coma at 10.24 AM. Read the paper at the Library with numb fingers. Ate breakfast/lunch (carribbean mango salad). Read for Western Civ and American Political Systems. Talked with my girlfriend, Jacki. I think I was being a big grouch – I felt so unaccomplished from the weekend and I wish I could have done anything. So I did laundry. and went to dinner (salad with tuna). I decided to come home. I ran to get the 6.46 train. I got there at 6.47 I was coming down the stairs to the platform just as the train left. So I waited for the 7.30 train. This is where I meet Lady X.
She asked how much the train to Philly was – 6 Bucks. She only had 4, so I gave her 2 dollars. After the train did the brake test we hopped on. She was upset, she broke her engagement with her boyfriend of 7 years (from 14-21). He had another child with another woman. She was going to Philly to stay with her mom. Her brother decided to stay with her ex-boyfriend because they were best friends. We talked about cars – her father was a car dealer and football. She had 11 siblings or stepsiblings. We talked about cities and towns, rural v. suburbs. black people and white people. Newark. Philly. Stars. Anything to keep her mind off her boyfriend. A woman came on with her kid, Jacob (2 months). Commercials we talked about too. And how men suck.
At 30th street I got a free muffin when I bought one. Dunkin Donuts was closing, the lady was very very nice. She gave me a free bran raisin bagel when I bought a pumpkin one. I offered it to a man on my platform. he was headed to Ambler to stay with his wife’s folks. Originally from Austrilia, he lives now in England. They had Polish Relatives. So we talked about Poland and Australia. and Bread.
I’d have to say, this is my favorite day since being away from my girlfriend if it hadn’t been for me being a jerk and grouchy to her. She was being so sweet to me and I’m really sorry for being a jerk. I hope she can accept my apologies. I want to surprise her. I think I might ask her if she wants to go to the diner. and see if she says ‘yes’. and then tell her to look outside her window. and I wish she would run out and hug me. like a movie. But I shouldn’t expect much because I was in a bad mood and I shouldn’t have taken it out on her. I’m sorry for taking it out on you, Jacki. I’m sorry because you’re my favorite person and I should be grateful that I have you. and that you’re an amazing girlfriend.




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20 11 2007

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