17 11 2007

Link to Helium

I stumbled upon this site on my seearch for caffeine information. it’s a community-based site for essay writing and debate. People showcase their knowledge of a subject and are crtiqued.

” Every article that comes to Helium is rated by other members, using our proprietary peer review technology. Through our fair, trusted and democratic rating system, each article submitted to the site is ranked against competing articles, until it’s placed in its proper position based on its quality.”

These essays aren’t as reliable as doctors, but their is citation and credit given to sources – so you can find the original source if you need it.

I reccomend this site and wikipedia for starting your search for any essay topic. there might even be a debate forum for your topic.

Excerpt from “How to stay up all day if you’ve been up all night”:

“First, let’s get the obligatory advice out of the way: yeah, yeah, espresso infused coffee, blab, blab, blab, eat lots of protein and carbohydrates for breakfast and lunch, breathe deep (always good advice by the way), lots of light, sunshine. Yeah –

Now, let’s get real. All this organic stuff is fine – it’s stuff people have been doing for several millenia, and while it was fine then – let’s face it – in the 21st century’s fast paced competitive world, social and corporate, a man (or woman) has got to have an edge, and this IS the 21st century people, so let’s take advantage of it.

I’m taking about modern legal cutting edge psychostimulants: specifically – Modafinil (or ‘Provigil’, or ‘Alertec’, ‘or Vigicer’, or ‘Modalert’ or ‘Give it to me right NOW dammit!’)…”




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