Sandy: Your Personal Assistant

16 11 2007

Sandy is a personal assistant that works with your email to take notes that will remind you to do things, if you tell her. like “remind me to call mom”

How I work
I work with the email you’re already sending.

Working with me is as simple as sending me email. There’s nothing to download, install, or configure. I live in your address book alongside everyone else you know and email.

You write to me at a special email address, get my attention with a few simple keywords, and I’ll take it from there.
I’m there when you need me (and out of the way when you don’t).

When you bring me into conversation, I listen for cues from you before springing into action.

I understand a simple shorthand that feels natural to read and write. Have a look at the examples over there on the right.
I play along with the productivity tools you’re already using.

When you tell me about appointments, to-dos, and contacts, my replies come with attachments you can click to add to your calendar, to-do list, or address book. You can even introduce me to your calendar so that everything you tell me shows up there automatically.
I work with your friends (and their productivity tools) too.

I’ll help you stay organized with everyone in your life — effortlessly. Simply Cc: your friends, family, and coworkers on email you send to me (or Cc: me on email you send to them).
Set shared reminders (the movie premiere Friday night)
Add stuff to each other’s calendars (the dentist appointment)
Share a to-do list (get those to-dos done together)

No more fussing with different organizing systems and calendar applications — just bring me into the conversation and I’ll take care of the rest.
I’m always close at hand.

No matter how far you are from your computer, I’m always close at hand. I can send reminders by email to your BlackBerry, Palm, or iPhone, or text you on your cell phone.




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