What I would do if I owned Facebook, Google and AOL

15 11 2007

Here’s my plan. it’s genius. It’s very similar to Twine (picture).

First here’s some articles to get the juices flowing:

Inbox 2.0: Yahoo and Google to Turn E-Mail Into a Social Network

By Saul Hansell

“…Brad Garlinghouse, who runs the communication and community products for Yahoo, was a lot more forthcoming. He didn’t-have dates or specific product details either. But he did say that Yahoo was working on what he called “Inbox 2.0.”

This has several features. First, the e-mail service is made more personal because it displays messages more prominently from people who are more important to you. Yahoo is testing a method that can automatically determine the strength of your relationship to someone by how often you exchange e-mail and instant messages with him or her…”

Yahoo! Says the Future Will be Modeled on Facebook
Written by Marshall Kirkpatrick

“…There’s a long list of startups aimed at the feed-driven lifestreaming/social streaming space. Most also ask for your email login. If Yahoo! can acquire some elegance and integrate it well, they could own all of this space and make the word e-mail look antiquated. Another option would be to provide a scalable API for interface designers and let those of us who choose to live online like we use Snitter or Twitterrific. (I promise that many of the 10% of Americans interested in web-enabled brain implants would prefer the oversized avatars and auditory notification of Snitter.)

In addition to a Facebook type friend feed, Yahoo! says that profile pages will proliferate. Click on anyone’s name and you’ll be able to see their profile page, populated with the information they chose to expose to you. I believe it will be populated automatically by RSS and it will contain a shocking amount of personal/demographic information exposed not just to the world but to Yahoo! as well. Yahoo! already knows, all you have to do is offer to show people the faces of those who are looking at their profile page; scores of people will gladly expose their own face, demographic info and browser history in order to participate. That’s why MyBlogLog was acquired…”

Here’s my vision. a fusion of facebook, instant messaging and email.
facebook wall is like a mini-email. email integrates attachments, and im instantly connects with contacts. so Instead of inbox 2.0 what about facebook 2.0. I want to be able to move all my elements on facebook around and add a profile app that allows you to chat instantly and if you see peoples status’s/im away messages you can drop a line for them. it’s more knowing where people are, but I think it’s a good integration. (or inteGREATion) that’s copyrighted…:-/ hah. well contacts that cross over from all medium. OR! how about a specific contact file that flows over all 3 social networks.




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