Infallible President?!

15 11 2007

Bush Still Refuses to Admit Ever Making An Error As President

Posted by Amanda Terkel

“Yesterday, President Bush sat down for an approximately 30-minute interview with Fox Business Channel. Toward the end of the interview, host David Asman asked Bush, “What do you think, looking back, your greatest hit was? Where you really hit one out of the park. And what do you think your greatest error was?”

Bush replied, “Success, there’s been a lot.” But he refused to reveal his greatest error, instead saying that he was disappointed Congress blocked his Social Security plan:

BUSH: Well, I would rather go disappointments, rather than errors. The disappointment is not getting a Social Security package, Social Security reform, because that truly is the big deficit issue. I’m sorry it didn’t happen. I laid out a plan to make it happen — to enable it to happen. I was the first president to have addressed it as specifically as I did. I wish Congress wasn’t so risk-averse on the issue…”




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