10 Worst Christmas Movies of All Time

15 11 2007

The Ten Worst Christmas Movies of All-Time
by Fat Guys at the Movies

I’ve seen part of Santa Conquers the Martians, and Santa Clause 2 and that updated Miracle on 34th Street. I motion that Santa’s Slay is the best Christmas movie next to It’s a Wonderful Life. All in favor say “Ho Ho Ho!” How cheezy is that?!

“Just as Hollywood launched us into the summer movie season with Spider-Man 3 in early May, they’ve jumped the gun on the Christmas season with Fred Claus. However, this wasn’t as heartwarming as the umpteen radio stations playing Christmas music before Thanksgiving, ‘cause Fred Claus really sucked ass.

So that got us thinking… What other Christmas movies suck ass? For every It’s a Wonderful Life, there’s gotta be a crapstorm of a film to balance it out. So we looked at the holiday movies over the years, and we came up with our list. To make the list, the film had to either be about Christmas (or Santa Claus) or have Christmas an integral part of the plot. (It can’t be like Gremlins, which did suck ass, but really was just set during Christmastime rather than being about the holiday.) …”




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