10 Places to visit before you die.

15 11 2007

10. New York City, New York, USA
New York is one of those cities you have to visit at least once. Although the Big Apple might not seem like something you’re interested in at first, it’s something spectacular. Just think: you’ve got great shopping, great eats and great people with personality. Drop by the Metropolitan Museum of Art and check out the permanent collection. My favourite is the Costume Exhibit! Once you’re done at the MET, head down to Times Square.

It’s not all about the main sights either: check out a movie, catch a show, take a walk through the park or admire the scenery. Your trip won’t be complete without a baseball game at Yankee Stadium. But hurry, they’re already building a new Yankee Stadium, set to open in 2009.

9) Paris, France

You haven’t lived until you’ve been to Paris! This iconic city of romance is a must. Paris will always be for lovers, with its beautiful palaces and amazing gardens, so make this a must-see with your significant other! The food is spectacular, especially the bread, the wine and the cheese. It’s worth going just to experience the food.

While in Paris you can spend your day sipping hot coffee as you stroll alongside the Seine, or you can walk around the downtown area, taking in the local busy scene and shop in the many little boutiques.

The Louvre will always be my favorite museum; it used to be a luxurious residence for the royals! Notre Dame is another of Paris’ gems; go there at night to see it light up the Seine. But let’s not forget that Eiffel Tower, which will never cease to amaze…
8) Cairo, Egpyt…
7) St. Petersburg, Russia…
6) Trinidad and Tobago…
5) Fiji…
4) Morocco…
3) Alaska, Anchorage…
2) Brazil’s Rio de Janeiro…
1) Tokyo, Japan…”

Here’s where I want to go:
Paris, France
Athens, Greece
Sicily, Italy
Venice, Italy
Rome, Italy
Tuscany, Italy
Sydney, Australia
Tokyo, Japan
Seattle, Washingon
Crazy Horse, South Dakota
Lhasa, Tibet
London, England




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