Spiderman Saves Baby from Blaze

14 11 2007

5 yo boy dressed as Spiderman saves baby from blaze

A five-year-old boy dressed in a Spider-Man suit became a real superhero in Brazil when he saved a baby girl from her burning home.

While playing in his back garden with a friend, Riquelme Maciel spotted smoke coming out of the wooden house’s windows and ran to tell the baby’s mother, Lucilene dos Santos.

But Ms Santos was too afraid to enter the blaze, so it was down to young Maciel to step in and save the day – he rushed into the burning house and grabbed baby Andrieli from her cradle.

The Fire Department Chief Jose de Macedo praised the boy’s bravery, and much like his hero Spider-Man, Maciel became the talk of the town.

His face made it to the cover of all the local newspapers and he no longer needs the red and blue costume to be recognised.

Maciel said he is now dreaming of becoming a fire-fighter so he can save more lives.




4 responses

14 11 2007

Nice Blog :)

29 11 2007

He blew his secret identity on his first day?!? 5 year olds can be such amateurs…

2 12 2007

this is wonderfull news however is
this true.

2 12 2007


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