Ok well…I take back that remark about Obama.

14 11 2007

Obama’s tech vision: Blogs and wikis for the feds
Posted by Anne Broache

“Just in time for a Wednesday visit to the Googleplex and other Silicon Valley outposts, Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama plans to take the wraps off his technology platform.

Obama’s agenda (PDF), which numbers nine pages, isn’t limited to the usual talking points, although they’re in there, too: enacting Net neutrality rules, speeding next-generation broadband deployment to all corners of the nation, improving math and science education, beefing up federal research spending, letting in more foreign tech workers, and making the research and development tax credit permanent.

His plan also includes a number of technology-laced provisions aimed at making government more transparent–with the goal of counteracting what he calls “one of the most secretive, closed administrations in American history” under President Bush.

To do that, he would appoint a “chief technology officer” charged not only with making sure all federal agencies’ computer systems are up to date, but also with making sure government agencies make their electronic records as open and transparent as federal law requires. The CTO would also oversee construction of a nationwide wireless network for use by public safety responders, as recommended by the 9/11 Commission…”




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