Can you Dig it?

14 11 2007

Can’t remember the last time I heard someone say that.

<<<<<<<<<<Also, this is me with a goatee…Next to my Thermostat.

I just got a great idea for an online application. Essay Revisor. Submit an Essay for review by an online community. but what will make people want to revise your article? a requirement to review 2 essays before being able to submit one essay. isn’t that a great idea. there can also be a professional service. Genius!

It’s been some time since I began this blog. I remember slaving over the structure and order of it for a couple days. now, I think I’ve got it down. I think It’ll make me make more posts! yay for structure to develop inspiration. I’m happy that structure will help me be more creative.

I’ve got specific themes for each day. but I continue to update articles and news – rather than making it it’s own day. Here’s the Structure:
Monday: The Week
Tuesday: Videos of the Week
Wednesday: Album of the Week
Thursday: Blog of the Week
Friday: Picture of the Week (Vote)
Weekend: Grateful for the Week

Do you like the navigation buttons on the top? and how if you scrollover the banner, it changes – you like that? maybe I’ll add a poll on the sidebar.

These past two days have been very weird. I’ve felt very confused. Philosophies of Life we’re talking about Existentialism. so talking about how life is pointless – that’s depressing. and Western Civilization – WWI and “One day in the life of Ivan Denisovich”. so death destruction and russian work camps. that makes me happy…right… Thank god there’s english and american political systems to talk about things other than death.

I know that human contact is important to increase intelligence, but I haven’t had much these past two days. What is there to talk about other than sports? nothing. so why bother?




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