Cameras that Identify People

14 11 2007

Up next: Cameras that know who you photographed
Posted by Stephen Shankland

“MONTEREY, Calif.–Get ready for a new era in which your camera knows not just when you took a picture but who’s in it, too.

Many cameras today can detect the faces of those being photographed, which is handy for guiding the camera to set its exposure, focus, and color balance properly. But the more difficult challenge of face recognition is more useful after the photo has been taken.

University of California-San Diego researchers have turned expression-recognition technology into an art exhibit showing the increasingly strained efforts by models to maintain a chipper smile for more than an hour. A buzzer goes off when a waning smile sends a monitor into the red zone.
(Credit: Stephen Shankland/CNET Networks)

That’s because of a concept called autotagging, one of a number of technologies that make digital photography qualitatively different from the film photography of the past…”




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