A "Cryme" of the week, I know the title sucks.

14 11 2007

Album of the Week
Genesis – Nursery Cryme (1971)
Most people, when they hear the name “Genesis” cringe at the thought of Phil Collins. I, on the otherhand, upon hearing “Genesis” think of magic. This album encompasses what I love about the band. It’s technically challenging, it has layers of sound, a blend of instruments that is appealing to my ear – guitar, drums, bass, synthesizer, flute. When I listen to this album, I can’t help but try to sing along. It’s Progressive rock at it’s finest.

Runners up:

Radiohead – In Rainbows (2007)
Rollingstone says: “…In Rainbows has uptempo guitar songs and moody acoustic ballads, full of headphone-tweaking sound effects. All of it rocks; none of it sounds like any other band on earth; it delivers an emotional punch that proves all other rock stars owe us an apology.”

Fall of Troy – Manipulator (2007)
Drummer Andrew Forsman described the record as “…a mix of staying true to our punk rock roots whilst pushing new musical ground. We definitely wanted a more poppy sound; we love good pop and we wanted to explore what we could do with that kind of sound. Other than that we wanted to make the songs flow a little better; instead of riff after riff after riff we wanted something that would be more cohesive regardless of the specific style.” (from wikipedia)




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