Police News: Sober man charged with DUI

12 11 2007

Criminal charges remain against driver found unconscious
Alabama: Sober Diabetic Man Tasered, Accused of DUI
Man having a diabetic attack faces DUI charges even though he had no alcohol in his system.

By Ebony Horton

“OZARK – A driver apparently suffering from a diabetic episode, which was mistaken for intoxication, had some of the charges against him dropped, but none of them were the legal ones.

Ozark Deputy Police Chief Myron Williams said it was the towing charges on 54-year-old James Bludsworth’s Nissan truck that were dropped on Tuesday after Bludsworth was booked into the Dale County Jail, not the charges of driving under the influence and resisting arrest.

Williams said his initial interview with officers led him to believe the DUI and resisting arrest charges were those that were dropped, but that the charges will not be dismissed until after the arresting officer recommends such to the court system during Bludsworth’s court date in December.

Bludsworth was released from jail on Tuesday after posting a $1,000 signature bond and blowing a .00 on a breathalyzer…”




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