Why am I so lucky?!

9 11 2007

A woman found my license and ID card in wilmington, De. and she’s offered to send it to my house! Thank you unknown woman. I’ll repay you!

and Here’s what I wrote before English class.
I’ve only used 5 full pages of Paper in English 110. Actually 6 if you count this one. English is pretty easy, except I wish we could just write our essays in class – at a computer lab or… I probably wouldn’t get anything done, that’s why we don’t go. I am thinking again about making specific daily themes. This is what I’m thinking – on this week (holidays, history, etc.), Video day, Album of week day, blog of week day, picture of my week. any other ideas?
It’s like I’m making everyday like a special day – like Thanksgiving week. which reminds me, there are only 3 givings set – so far schwanks, thanks, crunks. Need to fill up monday and tuesday (even if I might not be there for them). Dinersgiving? Halloweensgiving? Newyearsgiving?

I’m so happy! Why did I get so lucky? PSU, License, Jacki? why!?

PS do you like the new layout and colours? comments? please?




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