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8 11 2007

I’ve been excersizing recently and I’m getting flashbacks of doing track in High School. I remember this one day – one of the first days of winter track in 11th Grade – Where we had to do a cycle of Sprint 200, Walk 50, Jog 150. And I was at the brink of just quiting, up and leaving. I was so sore and my heart hurt. But I perservered. And by the end of practice I was ready for the next day.
So my mom’s been unemployed for about 2 to 3 months. now she was picked for training as a car salesperson. (salesperson, that’s so PC! good job Alex, Pat on the back) out of 23 candidate, 9 were selected for training. they ranked the 9 and my mommy was picked Number 1. Suck on that!
My friend, Ben (Benbear) is coming down from Connecticut (college). Should I go? His parents are away…;-) Also, I’d love to see my girlfriend and I don’t know how she feels about me coming back because she wants to know how it is to be away for a long time.
What else is new in my personal life? Jacki got a haircut – cute. I’ve been designing applications in my head recently. but I don’t even know any programming – I’m a good designer, though – being lef-handed and all.
I’m not nervous about PSU very much. my second choice is PSU Abington. 30 minutes from Doylestown, 30 minutes from Philly. Villagra goes there. And Cathy’s Boy, Ryan. at least 2 people I know.
America’s Next Top Model(ANTM) was OK last night. They got rid of the Plus-sized model because she was getting skinny. that’s BS. no hybrid modeling? eff that.
I’ve been getting in touch with my rage lately. Something I’ve either supressed or developed. Sometiems I’ve got the urge to just hit someone for being an ass or just saying something so ignorant or stoopid. I can’t stand ESPN anymore. I’m done with the same news – signings, injuries, trades, drugs, “controversies”. Nothing Special.
What side of the brain is Anger on?

Also, pills can’t cure external conflict with internal solutions.
I’ve stolen a lot of my mental beliefs from People:
Truth Thyself, Self-Reliance
Make someones life breath easier
God is Dead
Spiritual Journey of the Overman
I believe in Psycho-Analysis
And not Freud’s idea of the future of therapy – Psycho-pharmocology
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