How to Suceed in a Relationship with the Perfect Girl

7 11 2007

How to Succeed in a Relationship With the Perfect Girl

WikiHow Article. I really enjoy learning new things even though it’s not factual or scientifically proven. This is my girl, Jacki. What do you think? Isn’t she perfect?

“So you’ve found the girl, been on a date or two, what next? Be sure you want to get serious before reading. This article will give you a few tips on how to succeed.

1. Talk. Communication is key. If you are afraid to talk to the girl that you’re dating, or if you’d rather do something else, you need to set some priorities. Ask her how her day was. You want her to listen to you in regards to concerns over your peers, it’s only fair if you listen to her do the same.

2. Don’t lie! If you need to go to sleep or the bathroom, and you’re on the phone, tell him/her! If you are too embarrassed to say you need to use the restroom, how will you ever live a married life? If you need to go, tell her!

3. Try to avoid asking lots of questions about where they were/what they were doing. If they say “Be right back, I gotta go do something” It’s usually best not to ask what they were doing, as it can lead to fighting…”




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