Heil Honey, I’m Home

6 11 2007

another speechless video.

Excerpt From: Cracked.com

The Show:
A British sitcom designed to poke fun at the cheesy, formulaic American sitcoms of the ’50s and 60s. Also, it’s about Hitler.

Why It Was Canceled:
From Wikipedia:

“The show was centered on fictionalized versions of Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun, who lived together in suburban bliss, until the day their lives are turned upside-down by their new neighbors, the Goldensteins, who are Jewish.”

Look, we don’t think any topic is off limits when it comes to comedy. Everything can be funny; anyone can be laughed at; and it’s never too soon. So, we could potentially get behind a show like Heil, despite that you can’t overlook that the main character with whom you’re supposed to identify is Adolf Fucking Hitler.

That said, this show was stupid. The jokes were stale, the performances were over the top and the theme song wasn’t all that catchy. Also, the show is based around the predicament, “What’s going to happen now that Adolf has to live next door to Jewish neighbors?” Well, we all know what happened, and it’ll make for a terrible season finale.

The creators of this show seemed to operate on the premise of, “We’ll make a show that’s so intentionally bad, it’s hilarious!” Yeah, that actually doesn’t work. That’s why Snakes on a Plane didn’t make money. We’ll laugh at the idea of something that intentionally stupid, but we’re not going to sit down and actually watch it. We’re not that bored.”




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