Gloomy and then there’s now

6 11 2007

A gloomy day in Delaware. High of 54 degrees. Drizzler of a day so far – not much rain just a constant mist.
I got a notification from PSU. I will receive a ltter in about 2 weeks (November 20th) about my status. I’m nervous. What if I don’t get in? What about if I have to go to another school? or a satellite campus? I’m not that concerned. I just have to go somewhere cheaper. Meet some new and different people. I’m a true people watcher. I like making back stories. And comparing people. I don’t catergorize people because everyone could be their own catergory.
We did this calculation in Chemistry when I was in 9th Grade. We calculated the weight of the air in the room. Because there was so much space, we didn’t feel it. Do you feel it? I feel that pressure sometimes.
If I owned a newspaper, I’d have a section about thing to do – How to’s, innovations, and odd news. Education. Editorial section and Venting would have it’s own section too.
212 hits already today! Some are repeats but that’s going a long way from 35 hits the first day. I think I’d like to find how to add an auto refresh button to a page, or an option for Opera that does that.
I’d like to taake a Judicial cases class/course someday. A course that analyzes individual cases every classes. Need to work on an English Essay, bye bye now.




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