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6 11 2007

What do I think is going to happen to the PC? Integrated phones. fast and effficient, but is it worth it? it is not cheap. society isn’t changing, our technology does. because American and Japanese societies are workers and consumers there will be changes.
1 Smaller Laptops – like the Asus Eee PC
2 Tablet Laptops – like IBM’s Lenovo Thinkpad x41
3 Utility computers – touch screen one peice units – like the Apple iMac – incorporated with desktop effects like Compiz

Computers will get more and more efficient, provide more and more space – so I think what will happen next is either multifunction pc’s or specialized PCs.

PCs being pushed aside in Japan

Sun Nov 4, 4:28 PM ET

“TOKYO – Masaya Igarashi wants $200 headphones for his new iPod Touch, and he’s torn between Nintendo Co.’s Wii and Sony’s PlayStation 3 game consoles. When he has saved up again, he plans to splurge on a digital camera or flat-screen TV.

There’s one conspicuous omission from the college student’s shopping list: a new computer.

The PC’s role in Japanese homes is diminishing, as its once-awesome monopoly on processing power is encroached by gadgets such as smart phones that act like pocket-size computers, advanced Internet-connected game consoles, and digital video recorders with terabytes of memory.

“A new PC just isn’t high on my priority list right now,” said Igarashi, who was shopping at a Bic Camera electronics shop in central Tokyo and said his three-year-old desktop was “good for now.”

“For the cost, I’d rather buy something else,” he said.

Japan’s PC market is already shrinking, leading analysts to wonder whether Japan will become the first major market to see a decline in personal computer use some 25 years after it revolutionized household electronics — and whether this could be the picture of things to come in other countries…”

Mother’s sting catches son, Cory Ryder, ‘hiring hitman to kill her’
November 2, 2007
Tom Baldwin in Washington


“Like many middle-class, suburban American parents, Shannan and Joey Troiano worried about their son’s behaviour and his bad grades at high school. And like many wayward teenagers, Cory Ryder was grounded for weeks at a time, had a PlayStation confiscated and was banned from watching TV.

Less typically, this 16-year-old was plotting to murder his parents by hiring a hitman, while his mother was organising a sting operation involving a police officer posing as a contract killer.

Cory’s trial is scheduled to begin today at the circuit court in St Mary’s County, Maryland. His mother is expected to testify as a witness for the prosecution.

At an earlier court hearing Mrs Troiano, 35, explained how her emotions were torn between being an agonised mother and a murder victim. “I miss him being at home,” she said, “and I miss us joking around and kidding around. And then in the very same breath – I don’t know what this kid will do, because it’s not my son. That can’t be my little boy sitting there.”

Mrs Troiano remembers the night on June 2 when she discovered that the vague threats her son had made were serious. A woman Cory trusted, the mother of one of his friends, took him to a hotel room where he met an undercover police officer pretending to be a hitman…”




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