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5 11 2007

Posted on Sun, Nov. 4, 2007

Mirror, Mirror | Discounted to distraction

By Elizabeth Wellington

Inquirer Fashion Writer
“I’m a sensory shopper. I like seeing my merchandise neatly folded on display tables and hanging delicately on colorful racks. I prefer airy spaces and natural light.

And I’m a sucker for a crisp shopping bag with a logo. It’s like a Starbucks cup to the coffee drinker. Just by swinging it, I’m announcing my fabulous fashion find. (Don’t you want to know what’s inside?)

That’s why Simply Vera by Vera Wang, the new line at Kohl’s, is making me simply tired. Don’t get me wrong, Wang’s dark, jewel-toned dresses, wide-leg pants, and metallic-trimmed, ruched blouses are on-trend. And her size 12s are actually cut to fit size 12s, a relative rarity.

It’s just that finding clothes with designer monikers in “affordable” stores doesn’t feel special to me anymore, and it took my Simply Vera experience for me to realize it…”




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