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5 11 2007

Posted on Fri, Nov. 2, 2007

Boy’s Invention Keeps the Lid On

The Associated Press

“ODEBOLT, Iowa – Jake Wulf wants to keep the lid on it. The 9-year-old Odebolt boy flushed out a plan for a foot-activated toilet seat lifter that is called the “Privy Prop,” designed to lower and raise the toilet seat.

While her son, who is in the school’s Talented and Gifted program, manages assignments with ease, he has one weak spot: remembering to lower the seat after he’s done, Beth Wulf said.

“My mom was getting mad at me for forgetting to put the toilet seat down and she was falling in,” said Jake, a fourth-grader at Odebolt-Arthur Elementary School.

“He’s done this pretty much all his life,” his mother said “He’s in too big a hurry to take care of that. He’s been reminded thousands of times over the years.”

It was during a visit to a doctor’s office that Jake’s idea for the “Privy Prop” began to take shape.

He noticed the lid to a small trash can, which opened and closed with a foot-powered lever. He went home and told his parents that he wanted to design a similar device for the toilet.

He made it for the school’s Invention Convention with the help of his dad, Jason, who designs equipment for a living…”

Posted on Sat, Nov. 3, 2007

UGA Asks Stadium Fans Not to Flush

The Associated Press

“ATHENS, Ga. – Fans who have had their fill of beer at the University of Georgia’s homecoming football game on Saturday be warned , no flushing allowed.

Earlier this week, crews put up signs in bathrooms asking people not to flush “if it’s yellow” and to leave the handle-pulling to attendants, who will do the job for the estimated 93,000 people at Saturday’s game.

It’s part of the university’s “Every Drop Counts” water conservation effort in the drought that’s struck Georgia and much of the Southeast.

The university is considering replacing all of the stadium’s old toilets, which use 3.5 gallons of water per flush, with new ones that use less than half that amount , 1.6 gallons , per flush, said Arthur Johnson, associate athletic director for internal operations.

But two old-fashioned trough urinals that have constant running water will be open beneath the west end stands during the game against Troy University…”

Posted on Sat, Nov. 3, 2007

‘Dead’ Man in UK Turns Up Alive

The Associated Press

“LONDON – Police said Friday they had begun an investigation after a woman oversaw the cremation of a body she believed was her son , who turned up alive the next day.

Greater Manchester Police said the mix-up began when the body of a man in his 30s was discovered in Manchester, northwest England, on Oct. 12. He was identified as Thomas Dennison, 39, by a care worker who knew him.

Officials contacted Dennison’s mother, Gina Partington, 58, who identified the dead man as her son. The body was released to the family and the funeral took place Tuesday.

The next day, Dennison was discovered alive in Nottingham, 80 miles away.

Partington said the resemblance between the dead man and her son was remarkable.

“I held his hand and kissed his head. I stayed with him for about 40 minutes and would have sworn he was my son,” she was quoted as saying by the Manchester Evening News…”




One response

10 11 2007
Angry Lab Rat

Yay! It took an innovative 9-year old to give a “fair shake” to men everywhere. No more grabbing of nasty toilet seats, or harrassment from women who seem to embrace equality of the genders in every other way than the stupid “toilet seat rule”. Good for him. I hope the family changes their mind and opts to patent this little invention.

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