Mad Props Go Out to My Brethren Up North

5 11 2007

Canadian Greens add FOSS to election platform
By Bruce Byfield on November 02, 2007 (8:00:00 PM)

So naturally I’m perusing through rss feed and I come across a feed about flock 1.0. and I decided to test it out, it’s a good social networking web browser, not for me though. should be marketed towards a younger audience – that wants something other than firefox (kids are too naive to change, though – I mean they’re still using windows and IE, eww.). and I go to (where the article about flock 1.0 was on. and I came across this article, enjoy it.

“Thanks to a founding member of Free Geek Vancouver, the Green Party of Canada has quietly become the first major political party in Canada to make support for free and open source software (FOSS) part of its election platform. Like officials in the Green Party of England and Wales, deputy leader Adriane Carr sees the move as compatible with basic Green ideas, but IT consultant Neil Adair also points out the move serves the practical purpose of helping the party match the technical resources of more established parties.

At the same time, the party has come out in favor of net neutrality in its platform, although it is not specifically mentioned in the official policy statement.

Although founded in 1983, the Canadian Green party has been a serious contender in federal and provincial elections for less than a decade. So far, it has yet to win a seat, despite some near misses. However, with support hovering constantly around 12% in 2007, and dissatisfaction with the leading Liberal and Conservative parties likely to lead to the third successive minority government, the Greens are strongly positioned for their first breakthrough, and could become a key element in the balance of power…”




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