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4 11 2007

Sugar in the Raw is pointless. White sugar is natural too. Sugar in the raw has some molasses that isn’t extracted like normal white sugar. So Sugar in the Raw is expensive sugar because it’s easier to make? BS.
Here’s what they claim: ” Sugar In The Raw is a natural, unrefined sugar made from sugar cane grown in Maui. Juice is extracted from the sugar cane, and then crystallized through evaporation. These crystals are rinsed with a very small amount of water to remove just enough stickiness to make the product free flowing. We pack this turbinado sugar and market it as Sugar In The Raw.”

Supply of Music increases. saturated music pool, making Demand will movie right. Supply shifts right. This is what should happen….right? will it? Does free music, donation-based downloading and the MySpace band era create movement along the Demand curve? This should weaken the power of producers of music. I think the shift would cause more input of resources into established, popular, commercially-viable bands, like Nickelback. They formulate music. how sad is that?




One response

4 11 2007
Stan Ludwig

I would think that their resources would poor into more bands in the short run profit maximization view, but if you are talking about economists for the record producers I would think that with the new competiton for artists and the inexpensiveness of the cost of production, this would cause a demand for other music than so called nickel back. maybe. that may be flawed, it’s late

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